The Importance and benefits of Vastushastra in human society



                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Nilachal Mishra

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Kālohi Sarvjīvānāṁ Śubhāśubhaphalapradaḥ/

Kālātikrameṇa Doṣo Dravyahāniśca   Jāyate//(Viśwakarma Vāstuśāstram, Sāstrī, K. Vāsudeva., Introduction.p.II)

Time is the result of auspicious and inauspicious moments of all human beings. There occurs a mistake and becomes a loss of the things due to surpassing the time. Time is a very important factor for every person.

Vāstu plays a vital role in human life. It is said that Vāstu is an ancient science for designing and constructing buildings and houses. Vāstu Śāstra helps the man to make the lives better and it secures the man from the wrong things. Vāstu is a Science which reflects the direction, and it is a mysterious Science, and also defines the five elements which called Pañcamahābhootas like the earth, fire, water, sky, and place.

The present paper describes the importance and benefits of Vāstu Śāstra in human life briefly.