The importance  and benefits of Vastushastra in human society

 Dr. Nilachal Mishra
Lecturer in Sanskrit
 K.C.P.A.N Jr. College, Bankoi,
Khurda, Odisha


Kālohi Sarvjīvānāṁ Śubhāśubhaphalapradaḥ/
Kālātikrameṇa Doṣo Dravyahāniśca   Jāyate//(Viśwakarma Vāstuśāstram, Sāstrī, K. Vāsudeva., Introduction.p.II)

Time is the result of auspicious and inauspicious moments of all human beings. There occurs a mistake and becomes a loss of the things due to surpassing the time. Time is a very important factor for every person.

Vāstu plays a vital role in human life. It is said that Vāstu is an ancient science for designing and constructing buildings and houses. Vāstu Śāstra helps the man to make the lives better and it secures the man from the wrong things. Vāstu is a Science which reflects the direction, and it is a mysterious Science, and also defines the five elements which called Pañcamahābhootas like the earth, fire, water, sky, and place.

The present paper describes the importance and benefits of Vāstu Śāstra in human life briefly.


The word vāstu generally means a dwelling or a building that is used for residential purposes. The mention like vāstu is firstly seen in Yajurveda, the ancient Indian text from four thousand (4000) years past. once a sage asked for Viswakarma, the architecture of gods, what is Vāstu Vidyā and why the man read it? And what is the necessity of Vastu Vidya for human beings? In reply, Viswakarma said, this is a Vidyā of architecture which gives to a man the result of  Caturvarga like Dharma, Artha, Kāma, and Mokṣa, and by which the life of a man became meaningful. And this Vidyā gives divinity and it can give him welfare, and the man became successful in his all developmental works in his life. The description is like this.

Caturvarga phalaprāptiḥ salokaśca bhaved dhruvam/

Śilpa Śāstra parijñān martyo’pi suratāṁ vrajet// (Viswakarma Vāstu Śāstra.Adhyāya.2. Sloka.30)

And further, it is said that architecture is the best in these three worlds and without Vāstu the world has no meaning at all.

Śilpaṁ Vinā nahi jagattriṣu lokeṣu vidyate/

Jagadvinā na silpañca vartate vāsava prabho// ( Viswakarma Vāstu Śāstra. Adhyāya.2. Sloka. 32.)

Vāstu Puruṣa was created by Brahmā, the creator of the Universe. This description is seen in Bṛhad Vāstumālā like this.

Vinikṣiptamadhovaktraṁ sthittāstatraiva te  surāḥ/

Tameva Vāstupuruṣaṁ brahmā kalpitavān svayam// ( Bṛhad Vāstumālā. Sloka.3)

The first book of this Vāstu Śāstra was written by Viswakarma from three thousand years back. Vāstu is a science that brings happiness to human beings in this world.Vāstu system is a mixture of science, the astronomy of astrology.

Vāstu Śāstra has taken an important role in the life of all human beings. Vāstu is a term which takes from a divine being called the god of Vāstu or Vāstu Puruṣa. Indian Vāstu Śāstra is a blessing of ancient Indian seers who could able to frame incredible architecture principles, and which are most favorable to human society. When a man starts to follow the principles of Vāstu Śāstra then he can feel sanctity in his home and also in his heart too.

Vāstu is a science of architecture, and Vāstu plays a vital role in the construction of the building and character features of rooms in length, breadths, and sizes. Vāstu Śāstra is the ancient Indian science that capitalizes on the concept of prosperity. Which links personal health and happiness. Vāstu Śāstra also impacts on health, life, prosperity, marriage, education, thinking, and peace of the mind. Vāstu focuses both on physical and mental happiness in the lives of all residents.

Vāstu Śāstra defines science, art, astrology, and astronomy. It is an ancient mystic science for designing and building purposes. Vāstu Śāstra helps our better lives and it secures from the things which are going to wrong. Vāstu is a mysterious science unifying the five elements which are called ‘pañca mahābhutas’ like earth, fire, water. Sky, and space for happiness, enlightenment, and prosperity also. And which bhūmi is best for whom, there is a description in Bṛhad Vāstumālā as follows:

Brāhmaṇī sarvasukhadā kṣyatriyā rājyadā bhavet/

Dhanadhānyakarī vaiśyā śūdrā tu ninditā smṛtā// ( Bṛhad Vāstumālā. Sloka.32)

Benefits of Vāstu Śāstra

There is some description of the benefits of Vāstu Śāstra in Vāstu literature.

Attracts more wealth in life

Money is common and very essential for attracting happiness in human life. Because money can buy your happiness in day to day life of the person. Having a Vāstu maintained home helps to attract money in our life.

Vāstu brings joys and happiness in man’s life

The source of eternal joy gives the person due to external and environmental causes, and despite it, man cannot feel happy when the residing place or house is secured by Vāstu Śāstra then man can start his reconnecting to the source of happiness.

Psychological benefits

Vāstu has given psychological benefits to the human mind. A person gets psychologically relax via Vāstu in the form of well-being loke improvisation of relationships, reduces stress level, unlocks tension in life, and upgrades the health condition. Vāstu Śāstra is able to disappear the negative attitudes of the human mind. As a result, man can able to get complete happiness and mental peacefulness by implementing Vāstu tips in his life.

Harmonizing the energy of Nature

Vāstu Śāstra is normally based on various natural energies, and these are available free of cost in our atmosphere like lunar energy, earth energy, sky energy, magnetic energy, light energy, light energy, thermal energy, electrical energy, wind energy, and also cosmic energy. And the utilization of these energies gives the man pleasure, money, and prosperity in day-to-day lives.


 From the above discussion, it is concluded that man is a social animal and he resides in a home and that home brings happiness in his life, and that happy life follows the Vāstu Śāstra, and without following of Vāstu or Vāstu tips, man cannot live happily. So Vāstu is the ultimate aim of all human beings in our society, and there is no doubt at all.


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