Financial Pitfalls strategies: what you ought to understand

Financial Pitfalls Strategies

ANALYZE: Change a Bad Financial Habit

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Examine a bad economic habit of theirs that they wish to alter
  • Understand the Habit Cycle as described by Charles Duhigg in their guide, the ability of practice
  • Create and perform an agenda to assist them to alter their bad habit that is financial
  • Think about the way the Habit Cycle empowers them to alter their practices

ANALYZE: The Impact of Ads

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Comprehend the different techniques advertisers used to influence customers
  • Review 6 different commercials and determine which methods advertisers are employing most effectively

DETERMINE: Play the Lottery or Save? (Sp)

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Use an on-line calculator to determine the worthiness a normal texan who generally plays the lottery would draw out by spending the amount of money in a your retirement account rather.
  • For sale in English & Spanish

DETERMINE: The Expense of Rent-to-Own

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Utilize a charge card calculator and some information from Consumer Reports to compare the expense of “purchasing” a washer dryer from Rent-to-Own versus purchasing the exact same washer dryer on credit cards.

CARTOONS: Predatory Lending

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Examine number of cartoons about predatory lending and choose one to investigate in more level
  • Explain the cartoon’s key message about predatory financing and exactly how it illustrates that message

COMPARE: Forms Of Identity Theft (Sp)

  • Explore the various types of identification risk and theft facets for every.

SMALL PRINT: Car Title Loan Agreement

With this specific print that is fine should be able to:

  • Read a car name loan contract by reviewing details such as for example interest price and repayment schedules
  • Recognize exactly just how automobile name loans causes consumers to get into much much deeper financial obligation

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Cash Advance Agreement

With this specific small print pupils should be able to:

  • Read a loan that is payday by examining details including APRs and interest
  • Recognize just how pay day loans can cause customers to get into much deeper financial obligation

INTERACTIVE: Are You Currently Hacked?

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Finish a quiz to observe how often times their private information was hacked
  • Propose solutions to prevent these hacks


In this activity, pupils should be able to:

  • Have fun with the part of that loan shark
  • Determine what techniques loan providers use to optimize their earnings
  • Determine which loan terms increase profits for loan providers
  • Find out about several types of loans and fees loan providers offer and cost

INTERACTIVE: Win the Powerball!

In this task pupils should be able to:

  • “Play” the Powerball using an internet lottery simulation and explore the chances of winning the jackpot that is huge
  • Observe how they fare standing up against the powerful imagery that is positive attraction associated with the Powerball ads
  • Complete an optional mathematics bonus area to dive just a little much much deeper in to the possibility of any specific number being chosen a success

MOVE: Is This a Pitfall?

In this task, pupils will be able to:

  • Think critically about some traditional monetary pitfalls and understand that individual values and circumstances have impact that is great the economic choices individuals make.
  • Get right up and going, from their seats!

TASK: Create a scam Guidebook

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Operate in groups to produce A scam Guidebook
  • Have full Scam Guidebook that every pupil can think about when every team contributes

TASK: produce a PSA or Ad for Predatory Lending

In this task, students should be able to:

  • Work in teams to either
    • Develop a service that is public teaching their market to remain far from predatory lenders OR
    • Create adverts persuading their potential audience to make use of their kind of predatory financing item

PROJECT: Establish an ID Theft Awareness Campaign

In this task, students will be able to:

  • Publish a Public Awareness Campaign to aid students in school find out about several types of ID theft and means they may be able protect their information
  • Work with groups to conduct research and produce interaction tools which they will utilize through the campaign

TASK: The Million Dollar Matter: Is the payday loans and cash advance Massachusetts Lottery Good or Bad?

In this activity, pupils should be able to:

  • Participate in a debate on whether state-operated lotteries benefit or harm lottery champions and culture in general
  • Have a side, conduct research on arguments and counterarguments, and form a personal viewpoint after the debate

TASK: The True Relationship Test: Reconcile Your Money

In this activity, pupils should be able to:

  • simply simply Take from the part of the character that is quickly become married
  • Training reconciling their funds by having a partner on many different subjects inside their economic lifestyles, such as for instance housing, financial obligation, etc.
  • Think about the significance of having a discussion about funds having a partner or spouse

TASK: Write a Children’s Book on Bankruptcy

In this task, students should be able to:

  • Work with partners to publish and produce a Children’s Book about Bankruptcy

STUDY: Bankrupt at 23

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Read and answer a article from a female who’d to seek bankruptcy relief at age 23 as a result of out-of-control charge card debt and spending.

BROWSE: Signature Loans

In this task, students should be able to:

  • Utilize this reading guide to know about all loans that are personal techniques to make use of if a member of family or buddy asks for the money.

ANALYSIS: Bankruptcy Internet Quest (Sp)

In this task, pupils should be able to:

  • Make an online search to analyze definitions for key bankruptcy terms.
  • Establish the vocabulary within their words that are own offer examples.
  • Obtainable in English & Spanish

ROLEPLAY: Say NO to Loan Needs (Sp)

In this task, pupils will be able to:

  • Role-play decreasing to provide loans that are personal relatives and buddies in many different real-world situations.
  • For sale in English & Spanish
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