Call for valuable Research Papers

“HITAYA” E Journal (Quarterly) Invites unpublished research papers from Scholars.

Method of submission of Research Paper

Scholars may submit research papers in soft copy (Word & PDF) through E Mail to : where the complete address with mobile number and E Mail ID should be mentioned.

The last date for the submission of Full papers along with Abstract is October 20, 2023.
Guidelines for preparation of Manuscript
  1. The Research paper should be complete and must contain an abstract of 50 words highlighting the new findings and contents of the paper.
  2. Language of the Paper : Samskrit or English
  3. Paper style : Paper should contain introduction, subheadings and conclusion. Paper should be supported with original texts. Each section/paragraph should be linked with each other.
  4. Font Size : For English 12 point font size Times New Roman and for Devanagari 16 point font size UNICODE.
  5. References should appear in a separate section at the end of the paper, with items referred to indicated by numerals. Titles of journals should not be abbreviated.
  6. Quotations/Shlokas within the text or in the reference may be in Devanagari in normal
  7. Bibliography :
           For Books : Title of the book followed by authors(s), location,    publisher, chapter, page number(s), edition, year

                  For Periodicals : Title, authors(s), periodical, volume, inclusive page numbers.

                  For Website : A full URL should be given wit reference date

The Research paper may contain 10 pages approximately.