About Us
Our ancestors very well knew that the main intention of human life is Happiness. Swami Vivekananda opined – “ātmano mokṣārthaṃ jagad hitāya ca”. In the addition to the thought on worldly matters, they had stressed on the transcendental things also. They thought like – “jīvema śaradaḥ śatam”. At the same time, they also announced – “tyāgenaike amṛtatvamānaśu:”. While, undergoing the worldly pleasures (Sukha Bhoga), they also (thought of attaining) seeked the path of absolute(eternal) bliss i.e Ananda. .And transferred their experimental knowledge(experiences) to us – their successors.. The Hindu spiritual life has come in these same footsteps of the Mahatmas, Rishis, Poets etc.,

Whichever may be the human purview, it will not shine without the epilogue.  All the successful endeavors start from the primary footsteps. Ours is a tiny footstep towards attaining the destiny. In order to define our steps it is very much necessary to look back at our past. History is not just a mere skeleton of statistics, but a glowing treasure house of knowledge. We must not forget our past where the students from all over the world came to study their own history –

etaddeśaprasūtasya sakaśādāgrajanmānaḥ ।
svaṃ svaṃ caritraṃ śikṣeran pṛthivyāṃ sarvamānavāḥ ॥

This is the glory of the Bharat. Our legacy consists of stories starting from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Manu-Yajnavalkya-Shanka JakOszczedzic, Eighteen puranas, thousands of Drishya Shravya Kavyas etc.,

If we think that the Bharateeya Rishi Parampara should shine as bright as the Sun, we can’t deny the light of even a small lamp. Our effort in bringing out this E Journal – HITAYA (Heritage of Indian Texts And Yogic Aspects) is like a small lamp in making this Bharateeya Knowledge Tradition explorable to one and all. We wish that this E Journal would ignite the minds of the likeminded Researchers spread all over and making our Bharateeya legacy flourish once again. Amidst this negative scenes of detoriarating Bharateeya Values and tradition, this E Journal would be an attempt to bring out the Essence of the Samskrit Language and Bharateeya Tradition with a reference to the relevant issues. This will be an open space to express views. As we have already said, this is our small effort. Let us BE GOOD, DO GOOD.